All of the Villa Luna day-care centres provide preschool education. There is no standard concept for this. Instead, each facility works with their own concept that is tailored to their children’s needs.

We cannot say this too strongly: We do not practice reading, writing or arithmetic with the children. Our preschool education focuses on social aspects, group interaction and concentration exercises.

Learning to learn is the most important principle for us. Education in the day-care centres means that children take their learning experience into their own hands. Children explore their environment in physical movement and by experimenting. They learn through play, making learning a positive experience.

At our Villa Luna day-care centre, we provide integrated learning processes for children from day one until they leave for school. We are dedicated to creating conditions that promote the acquisition of skills and abilities they will profit from later in life.

Hand in hand with your children, we develop special materials and projects during their final year at kindergarten with the aim of encouraging their independent skill development, without overtaxing them. As you know: It is a journey without goal!