At Villa Luna, we teach English according to the immersion principle. Children learn it playfully and without pressure as a part of their everyday life, just as in first-language acquisition.

In addition to being able to express themselves in two languages, bilingualism gives children strong linguistic skills. Native speakers and bilingual staff speak only English with the children in their groups, allowing them to gain the desired bilingual skills.

Düsseldorf is welcoming a growing number of Asian families or families that lived in Asia for a long time for professional reasons. We want to cater to the needs of these families in Düsseldorf, which is why we are adding a bilingual German- Chinese kindergarten group at our Villa Luna day-care centre in Düsseldorf-Südring starting in the autumn of 2013. Language teaching in this group will also follow the immersion principle and be playful and low-pressure.

Staff members teach the children their language, as well as a cultural awareness for their home countries, fostering the children’s open-mindedness and tolerance.

Starting 1 September 2013, Villa Luna will also be offering Chinese lessons for children over two. Children can get their first impression of the Chinese language and culture in these courses. Lessons include hearing and speaking everyday phrases, singing Chinese songs and drawing Chinese signs.

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