The team of Villa Luna Düsseldorf Südring consists of qualified, loving and professional pedagogical team members who have a lot of fun at work!
Heike Prüssing
Kindergarten Manager

I have 20 years of professional experience as a qualified kindergarten teacher in various institutions. Since 2013, I have been contributing this experience as a kindergarten manager. Happy children and relaxed parents are both very important to me. What I like about Villa Luna is the high level of commitment and the open cooperation between parents, staff and the institution bearer. True to the motto “A good start lasts a lifetime”, I am happy to accompany your children and you every day.

Stephanie Schulz
Kindergarten Manager & Pedagogical staff member

Since 2012, I have been working in the field of daycare centers and was able to gain experience in various positions in different facilities. Since 2018, I am also a certified social manager in addition to the pedagogical specialist. Especially the bilingual concept and the focus on a holistic educational offer, appealed to me. It is very important to me to be able to offer the children a loving, appealing and positive learning atmosphere.

Sam Schroth (absent)
Kindergarten Manager & Pedagogical staff member in the purple group

Since the summer of 2016 I have been working at Villa Luna as an educator and since 2020, I’m part of the management team. My strengths are educational discussions, natural sciences and media education. Through a close relationship work I would like to give your children the security to develop freely, as well as to try new things and try out themselves. For me it is especially important that your children grow up as self-confident and strengthened individuals in order to be able to master the later tasks within society.

Lara Kloss
Pedagogical staff member in the red group

I am a trained social assistant and have been working at Villa Luna on the Südring in the red group since September 2019. What I appreciate about working with the children is that you learn new things and gain experience every day. There is nothing more beautiful than to see a child laugh while working and growing.

Pauline Hülsen
Pedagogical staff member in the red group

In 2020 I successfully completed my studies in childhood education. Due to an au pair stay in England I came into closer contact with the English language and knew that I wanted to integrate it into my job. It gives me great pleasure to accompany and support children in their development and to learn something new from them every day. I am very happy to have found a place at Villa Luna where I can realize all this.

Abigail Fox
English speaking staff member in the red group

I’m from North Carolina. The excitement and happiness of children sparks joy for me, which is why I decided to work with children. I enjoy that Villa Luna supports creativity and education in German and English. I’m looking forward to have a great time with the children and of course the parents.

Julia Erdel
Pedagogical staff member in the red group

I am currently training to become a state-approved educator and will complete my practice-integrated training here in the red group. I have already completed my training as a child care worker. I hope to gain more experience and a more concrete insight into pedagogy from the training. I have always enjoyed working with children, which is why I have chosen this profession. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming time full of new experiences and I am always available for you and your children for questions and suggestions.

Stefan Molnar
Trainee in the blue group

I come from Romania and I have been working at Villa Luna since August 2018. I graduated from university with a bachelor and teaching degree in English and history. I have been involved in children’s education as a teacher, project manager for a foundation and as a summer camp counselor for many years, so it seems perfect for me to continue with this path by working at Villa Luna Düsseldorf-Südring. The opportunity to work with children in a bilingual environment seems to be the perfect setting for a fun, educational and rewarding workplace. Being of curious nature, I love trying new things in life and I am not afraid to take on challenges that are bigger than me.

Ceren Sen
Pedagogical staff member in the blue group
Michelle Llanza 
English-speaking staff member in the blue group
Anna-Maria Avramidou
Pedagogical staff member in the blue group

My name is Anna-Maria and I come from Greece. There I studied philosophy and education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since 2018, I have been living in Germany and working as a pedagogical specialist and integration assistant. Besides my Greek mother tongue, I speak German, English and as an Erasmus student in Florence I also got Italian language skills. In my free time I like to dance, sing, paint and read and I am happy to do this with your children as well. My motto in life is “Where there is a will, there is a way”. In my opinion, we should never give up and with patience and positive thinking you can do anything.

Simona Fröhlich
Pedagogical staff member in the purple group

In the summer of 1995, I graduated as a state-certified educator and have now been working full-time in this profession with love and passion for 25 years. Since the concept, as well as the openness and friendliness of the team, which I was already able to get to know through a job shadowing, appeals to me very much, I am very much looking forward to working in this house. Children only have one childhood. And it is especially important to me to make it unforgettable together with them. My motto in life: “You can only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

M. B.
Pedagogical staff member in the purple group

I am a state-certified educator and have been working with your children at Villa Luna since 2015. Through my training as a gymnastics teacher I have set a further focus for my work with the child. My goal is to convey joy in movement, creativity, motor skills and a good social interaction. I meet the children at eye level and support them with heart and patience in their daily tasks. It is a great pleasure for me to get to know many little personalities and to be allowed to accompany them on their way.

Pedagogical staff member in the purple group

After graduating as a state-certified educator, I worked for 8 years at a family center in family center in Düsseldorf with children from the age of 1 to 6.
At Villa Luna, I was welcomed by an exceptionally open-hearted team. Remarkable is the high density of staff, which enables us to offer pedagogical programs in a wide variety of focal points and facets.

Daniel Zanders
English-speaking staff member in the purple group

I live here in Düsseldorf-Bilk. My professional background took me from Solingen, to Cologne, Sydney and back to Düsseldorf. I started my love for English in Australia and I would love to bring that joy to your kids. My first voluntary experiences with children were at my community as a team leader in my congregation and at an ice hockey team. I would like to get the professional background next year and I’m really thankful to get this chance and opportunity at Villa Luna. In addition, I love sciences and I would like to inspire your kids to this passions. “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” (Marc Aurel)

Dana Petersen
Pedagogical staff member in the purple group

I started in the Villa Luna team as a dual student of social pedagogy. In the meantime, I work as a pedagogical staff member in the purple group. At Villa Luna, the team and concept convinced me from the very beginning. As a child, I spent some time in England myself and learned the language very quickly and sustainably at an English elementary school.

Jennifer Strobel
Pedagogical staff member in the green group

In August 2015 I finished my education as a kindergarten teacher. After that I spent 1 year in Japan as an au pair (in an Italian-American as well as in a German-Chilean family). When I returned to Germany, it was clear to me that I wanted to continue working in this international field, as many nations offer many learning opportunities for children. Through the immersion principle and the diverse concept, Villa Luna offers in my eyes exactly the right environment to educate, care and raise children interculturally, emotionally and cognitively. Therefore, I am happy to be part of the Villa Luna team.

J. R.-K.
Pedagogical staff member in the green group

The training of the state-certified nursery school teacher had been completed since July 2001. I have been working in the yellow group at Villa Luna Düsseldorf-Südring since August 2017. The decision to become a kindergarten teacher was made at a very early age, because I love children, the work with them and their unconsciously joyful nature as well as the small steps on the children’s path to independence. It is very important to me to be a positive role model for the children and to build a bond with them. My greatest concern is to pay attention to the well-being of the children. My focus is on creative design, music, stories and spontaneous games.

Kiriana Adam-Jones
English-speaking staff member in the green group

Kia Ora! That’s how we say hello in New Zealand, where I was born and raised. My name is Kiriana Adam-Jones, and I moved to Germany in 2006 after having studied Psychology and Business Administration in Wellington, New Zealand. I moved here to work as an au pair and since then have worked as an English teacher in many different language schools and educational institutions. I love working with children and helping to guide them to become the best version of themselves. This involves patience, compassion and a great deal of silliness! Outside of work I love working in the garden, going for bike rides and being creative. Travelling is also a great passion of mine as I thrive on meeting new people and discovering new cultures and ways of life. I look forward to joining the Villa Luna team and getting to know all the kids there!

Leyla Genc
Trainee in the green group

I am looking forward to actively supporting Villa Luna as a trainee childcare worker. My mother tongue is Turkish and I have good language skills in German and English. I would like to work as a child care worker because of the versatility and variety. I enjoy working with children very much and I am looking forward to many nice moments and a good cooperation.

Roya Hashemi
Pedagogical staff member in the orange group

Since January 2017, I have been working as an educator in the U3 area of Villa Luna Düsseldorf Südring. As a mother of two and a person with professional experience, I have had the experience that children are curious by nature and enjoy challenges! I accompany the children through individualized educational work in their development and discovery of the world as a trusted caregiver with head and heart. Creativity, music and movement are an important part of my daily work with the children.

Sarah Gernand
Pedagogical staff member in the orange group

Since 2015 I have been part of Villa Luna on the Südring. I am always happy to accompany young people on their way to adulthood by meeting them with my open, patient and calm manner. It is also important to me to support each child individually on his or her path and to assist in the development of their abilities and needs. It gives me great pleasure to see how my work is appreciated by the children with a smile.

Vanessa Biousad
English-speaking staff member in the orange group
Nina Witte
Pedagogical staff member in the yellow group
Luisa Fischer
Pedagogical trainee in the yellow group
R. L.
Pedagogical staff member in the yellow group

As part of my training as a state-certified educator, I have been working at Villa Luna on the Südring since August 2019. I always find children fascinating. To be allowed to observe and accompany them in their development is what I appreciate most about working with children. I am a reflective person who has a very empathic attitude towards children and prioritises their self-efficacy as well as their right of co-determination.

Susan Nordström
English-speaking staff member in the yellow group

I work at Villa Luna Südring since september of 2019. I am from Finland and I hold two B.A.s, one in physical therapy and one in physical education. I have worked with children of different ages as a sports instructor/coach (children´s sport clubs’ instructor, swimming teacher/coach, dance instructor and yoga instructor) and as a physiotherapist, so supporting the development of children’s motor and emotional skills is my expertise. Working with children for me means to live the moment and have unlimited creativity. Each child is an individual and person to-be, whose development is the most important goal to support.

V. S. 
English-speaking staff member in the multicolored group

I am a graduated anglicist and German philologist from Düsseldorf and I have been working at Villa Luna Südring for more than seven years. I speak English and German fluently. Music and languages are my pet projects as well as animal protection and sustainability. I play the piano and everything I do – I do it singing. I have attended many children and families during my years at Villa Luna Südring. After all this time, I can really say that Villa Luna is not a job – it is my family.

Louisa Schlüchtermann
Pedagogical staff member in the multicolored group

I have been working at Villa Luna Düsseldorf-Südring since August 2016. I decided to take up this profession and completed training as a nursery school teacher, as I find it an enrichment to accompany the children in their development and to put a smile on their faces. Because if the children are doing well, I am doing well too. My strengths lie in the areas of exercise, nutrition and in dealing with stories interactively with the children.
“Children argue and still play with each other afterwards. Why?- Because happiness is more important to them than their pride” – Author unknown

Alicia Michels
Pedagogical staff member in the multicolored group

I successfully completed my training as a child care worker in 2018. Afterwards, I worked in the curative education sector for 3 years. I have been working in the kindergarten again since August 2021. Working with children gives me great pleasure. My motto in life is “You can’t change the wind, but you can set the sails differently”.

Bettina Brand
Pedagogical staff member and leader of our atelier

I am a qualified social pedagogue. I have been working at Villa Luna since January 2011 and since 2013 I have also been accompanying the children in the atelier after Arno Stern. It is great to accompany the children in their time in the day care centre, to support them individually and to experience something new with them every day!

Vera Sternkicker
Graduate chemist, Science for kindergarten children

My name is Vera Sternkicker and as a graduate chemist I take care of the concept and implementation of the science courses for children from 3 years of age at Villa Luna.

Marek Majer
Music teacher

I’m Marek Majer, guitar teacher, music school teacher. With my music studies I turned my passion into my profession and have been teaching for many years now, among others at Villa Luna. I take great pleasure in introducing children to music through dance, singing and rhythmics and lay the first foundations for further musical education.

Fatma Kural
Manuel Busemann
K. E. H. (absent)
Pedagogical staff member in the green group

At Villa Luna I have been working as a state-approved educator since 2018. Privately, but also professionally, I am very committed to animal-supported education and I find the positive effects of animals in educational processes very interesting. It is amazing how the accompanied handling of animals promotes the social and cognitive skills, as well as practical experiences of children. I think it’s great that I can bring animal-supported education to life here and that children can gain their first experiences at the group aquarium. It is important to me to help children to develop self-confidence and independence, as well as to experience values and norms. In my opinion, early promotion of social competence is particularly important in this respect. What I really appreciate about working with children is that every day is different. It is fascinating to see how the children develop and make progress every day. Every day is like a little adventure!