Healthy food is joie de vivre & attitude to life

Healthy eating and exercise are immensely important points in our daily, educational work. After all, our children at Villa Luna should learn about a sustainable, healthy way of eating and living. Meals at our daycare center consist of homemade, regional, seasonal and wholesome foods. Our cook prepares breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack fresh every day. Of course, we cater individually for intolerances.

It is very important to us to start the meals together with a ritual such as a song or finger play. During the meal, the pedagogical staff encourage table conversations with and between the children and encourage them to try new things. The children choose the ingredients of their meal themselves, put them on their plates and eat independently. They are also allowed to use their fingers. The plate does not have to be eaten empty!

FIT KID certification for Villa Luna Hannover
Essential components of a healthy lifestyle are the regular provision of balanced meals and eating together. A wholesome meal and the quality of the nutrition also influence the physical and mental development of children. In our daycare center, we therefore attach great importance to a relaxed atmosphere during shared meals and offer catering that corresponds to the current findings of nutritional science by putting the „DGE-Qualitätsstandard für die Verpflegung in Tageseinrichtungen für Kinder“ (“DGE Quality Standard for Catering in Daycare Facilities for Children”) into practice.

This is documented by the FIT KID certification, with which we have been awarded by the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE)“ / German Nutrition Society.

The following criteria were checked as part of the certification process:

  • Food: lunch catering (optimal food selection and requirements for the meal plan).
  • Meal planning & production: criteria for planning and producing meals for lunchtime catering, design of the meal plan
  • Living environment: general conditions in day care facilities for children (e.g. dining atmosphere or meal times)

Quality is assured in the long term through annual inspections.
The certified offer is marked with this logo:


Physical exercise

Brain research provides evidence that there is a close connection between motor coordination and thinking planning. In many areas, thinking emerges from inner action. Children learn by acting and develop cognitive and linguistic competencies through movement, as well as basic skills they need to cope with everyday life. These are e.g.

  • willingness to cooperate
  • sense of responsibility
  • self-initiative
  • flexibility
  • ability to solve problems
  • social empathy.

At Villa Luna, we provide enough space for our children to discover the world through action. Through our varied range of movement activities, our children learn about themselves, their environment and their caregivers and can develop their basic skills. We integrate movement components into all of our pedagogical offerings and also offer separate movement offerings in our gymnasium, on our outdoor grounds and in the nearby parks.

Physical exercise features in all of our teaching. We place a special focus on it in the gym, in our outside area, in the park or at the swimming pool.