Brain research indicates a close link between motor coordination and intellectual planning. In many areas, thinking comes from internal action.

Children learn by taking action. At Villa Luna, we provide sufficient space for our children to discover the world in physical interaction with it.

With the help of movement, children develop cognitive and language competence as well as the basic skills needed to master everyday life. These skills include being willing to cooperate, shouldering responsibility, being proactive and flexible, solving problems, taking a critical stance, and showing social empathy.

We offer a wide range of exercise opportunities so our children can get to know themselves, their environment and also the people around them, all the while letting their basic skills blossom.

Physical exercise features in all of our teaching. We place a special focus on it in the gym, in our outside area, in the park or at the swimming pool.


At Villa Luna, we serve freshly prepared, regional, seasonal food, prepared to wholefood standards. Every day, our cook prepares a fresh breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Any allergies your child might have will be included in our planning

Because we are dedicated to familiarising our children with regional herbs, berries and more we have planted gardens, raised beds and an herb spiral in our outside area. Our cook, teachers and the children tend to the plants together.

It is very important to us to begin our meals together with a ritual such as a song or a finger game. During the meal, teachers stimulate conversation with and among the children while encouraging them to try new foods.

Our children choose their food by themselves, put it on their own plates and eat it without any help. It’s fine if they prefer to eat with their fingers. And they do not need to clean their plates, either.