Your children receive loving care during their entire time at Villa Luna. We are dedicated to nurturing them and preparing them for what comes after kindergarten. We take children’s natural curiosity and love of learning as our starting point to helping them successfully transition to primary school. About one and a half years before they begin school, children enter the preschool programme at Villa Luna Aachen. We focus on a holistic learning process providing project- and theme-based learning experiences for our children. Our approach is guided by the official school readiness profile issued for North Rhine Westphalia and we have tailored our educational work and content to it. We work on the following skill sets:

  1. Motor skills
  2. Perception
  3. Personal and social skills
  4. Handling tasks
  5. Fundamental knowledge and subject-matter skills

Our varied and diverse preschool programme is very popular with our older children. Some of them can hardly wait to finally become a preschooler! As part of the programme, preschoolers at Villa Luna

  • take part in the literacy programme “Buchstabendetektive” (“Letter detectives”)
  • gain new knowledge as part of the preschool group (in line with the “Klipp and Klar” teaching model)
  • participate in tests on basic learning skills (in line with the “Klipp and Klar” teaching model)
  • visit the “Numberland” (early childhood mathematics education programme “Zahlenland”) on about 20 occasions
  • learn and actively practice safe conduct in traffic along with traffic police officers
  • prepare, take part in and reflect on many different field trips, such as the city library, teddy bear hospital, fire station, TV and radio stations
  • see a play and peek behind the scenes
  • attend an exciting sleepover at kindergarten
  • create art together with the artist Lamar and stage an art exhibition
  • take preschool swimming lessons
  • enjoy a wonderful kindergarten prom

We want our parents to be informed about our preschool approach and what the school readiness profile entails. A special evening is dedicated to discussing that in detail with our parents. We also encourage all parents of preschoolers to make individual appointments to talk about the developmental level of their child.