We are particularly proud of this:

A multifaceted team with many talents
and a lot of fun at work.
Beate Scheidt
Kindergarten Manager

I successfully completed my training as a state-approved educator in 1984. My professional career includes several management positions in the private sector as well as many years of self-employment with up to 40 employees. However, since my heart has always been in working with children, I have been working as an educator in a family center for the last few years. I consider myself extremely fortunate to now be able to take over the management of Villa Luna. Villa Luna, as a bilingual daycare center, is the perfect place for me to prepare for the world of tomorrow. It is a special honor for me to lovingly and wholeheartedly accompany the children, parents and colleagues on this path. My motto in life is: Every day without a smile is a lost day (Charlie Chaplin). Under this motto, I am already looking forward to smiling children’s faces!

Michael Keuchen-Hansen
Kindergarten Manager & Pedagogical Staff

I have been a member of the Villa Luna team since 2011: there is simply a great atmosphere of togetherness among the colleagues with international backgrounds, who treat the children and their needs very lovingly and attentively. This is absolutely in line with my personal motto, to accompany the children on their way through life and to give them a lot of positive energy along the way.

Marika Rosen
Pedagogical staff

In 2008 I arrived and stayed at VILLA LUNA after a few stations in children and youth work and a Montessori training. “A good start lasts a lifetime” has become an integral part of my life, because I want to offer your children an environment full of trust, play, fun and knowledge. The unique concept and the colorful team support me to give the best every day!

Levinia Duran 
English-speaking staff

I’m a New Yorker that is been living in Aachen for the past fourteen years. I’ve been working with children since the year 2003 in different countries, cultures and languages. I love the international experience but most of all I love languages. I can speak four languages myself. These are my goals at Villa Luna: to share my knowledge and to teach the kids the love for languages and diversity.

Jascha Kalbertodt
Pedagogical staff

Since summer 2017 I am a state-approved educator. Some time ago I moved to Aachen and am now happy to be part of the Villa Luna team.
since this warm and creative institution impressed me from the beginning. I have always been passionate about literature and music: the most important tools to make everyday life with children exciting, innovative and loving. Making music means living it. I would like to pass on this enthusiasm. I look forward to a good, creative collaboration.

Anne Eerdekens 
English-speaking staff

Hallo, my name is Anne. I am 26 years old and I come from Belgium. I really like to work with children and be a part of their exciting time of exploring the world, learning and growing up. Furthermore, I like to read, cook, be outside in nature and do creative things. Most of these things which make me happy I can enjoy together with your kids and I hope that I will be able to share my joy!

Sabine Mettler
Pedagogical staff

I have been part of Villa Luna since 2011. As a qualified social worker, I accompany your children by engaging with their individual world with patience and warmth of heart and provide them with a pedagogical framework of support and structure for their further life. The different areas offered, for example, in our group oriented to Montessori pedagogy, are wonderfully suited to picking up and encouraging children in different phases of their perceptual sensitivity. Recognizing these signals and then picking them up correctly is always exciting for me.

Charlotte Timmermanns
Pedagogical staff

In the summer of 2021, I completed my training as a child care worker. Until March 10, I worked in an integrative daycare center. I like working with children because they are very grateful and honest. I want to pick them up where they are. I chose Villa Luna because I want to accompany the children on their journey through life until they start school. I think it’s great that the child is in the foreground here and that there are so many offers where the children can live out and expand their interests.

Sahar Nesrollahi
English-speaking staff

I have been living in Germany since 2011 and the last 5 years in Aachen. I was originally born in Iran, moved from there to Sweden and then moved to the US when I was 19, where I studied and earned an Associate Degree in General Studies, specializing in Psychology. In 2019, I completed a 2-year yoga teacher training. Persian is my native language and I am also fluent in English and German. Having lived in several countries myself, I know how important languages are because they allow you to get to know people and cultures all over the world. I am excited to be a part of the Villa Luna team and help the children learn another language through play.

Pedagogical staff

I graduated from the vocational college in Stolberg with a technical high school diploma and a degree as a state-certified child care worker. Besides my mother tongue German, I have a good knowledge of English. In my free time, I like to be outdoors, which is why I also enjoy working with children in the natural sciences and technology. I am looking forward to working at Villa Luna because the concept is very different from other institutions. I already felt very comfortable during my first interview.

Mandy Renardy
Pedagogical staff

In 2011, I completed my training as a nursery nurse and in the meantime I have been able to gain many different impressions from everyday life at the daycare center. Working with children gives me a lot of pleasure, because they always bring a smile to your face. It is admirable to see how they develop over time and are satisfied with the smallest things. I am happy to be a part of the Villa Luna team and look forward to working with you and your children.

Vanessa Vorberg
Pedagogical staff

In July 2015, I successfully completed my training as a state-certified social assistant. Teamwork is important to me, I enjoy it and everyone can contribute. It is nice to be rewarded for the work with shining children’s eyes. My motto in life is: “Don’t dream your life, live your dream”. I am looking forward to many wonderful experiences, adventures and to a good cooperation with you and your children.

Svenja Lauffs
Pedagogical staff

“Children’s laughter is the most beautiful music! Even during my studies to become a social pedagogue, my career goal was clear: observing, accompanying and supporting children in their development is my absolute dream job. Everyday life in a day care centre is always a new journey and full of surprises. I have been part of the Villa Luna team since 2017 and have never experienced such an appreciative approach, characterised by tolerance and participation. But also the trust of the children and their exuberant nature make my workplace something very special.

Anna-Marie Hahn 
Pedagogical staff

In the course of my training as a state-certified educator with European qualification at the Berufskolleg Stolberg/Simmerrath, I completed an internship abroad in Barcelona, which allowed me to gain initial experience in a bilingual daycare center and expand my knowledge of Spanish and English. I deliberately chose Villa Luna because I can promote multilingualism and openness there. I enjoy coming to work every day and look forward to shaping the day together with your children and the team. There is no substitute for a happy child’s smile and that is what makes the profession of educator so unique!

Yuna Wallender
English-speaking staff
Heike Reiss
Art educator

As an art educator, I support the children on their path of self-exploration in the creative process. Non-judgmental and non-competitive, the children can become familiar with their intuition and explore their feelings. They learn to take risks, listen to themselves, have space for their own inventions. The studio is a safe place to be brave and to be yourself, and I am very grateful to have so much support at Villa Luna for this wonderful task. Working with the children offers me the beauty of their innocence every day and gives me the opportunity for my own inner growth.

Vera Sternkicker
Dipl. Chemist/Natural Sciences for the Over-3 groups

I am a graduate chemist (studied at RWTH-Aachen), married and have two daughters. Villa Luna children have been discovering inanimate nature in my courses for more than eight years. I am very much looking forward to being able to teach children about everyday phenomena in simple experiments in Cologne Raderthal as well!

Silvia Birlodeanu
Cook and Housekeeper

My secret ingredients?! Serenity, empathy and joy.

Nicolai Stein
Everyday helper

There’s no fat bear singing and humming through the corridors here, I’m Villa Luna’s new everyday helper. I am 38 years old, originally from the landscaping industry and am reorienting myself professionally. Looking into the amazed eyes of children when you show them the wonders of nature is just one of the many things that delight me. In my spare time I coach the U16 and U19 of the Aachen American Football Team “Aachen Vampires” and I myself look back on an active time as a player of 17 years. There are people who say that I can play the guitar, but it is certainly enough to play one or the other classic song. I am very much looking forward to my time at Villa Luna and am very excited about the experiences and people I will meet.

Greta Reul
Everyday helper

As part of my studies “Vegan Food Management” I was allowed to do an internship of several months in a company of my choice. Therefore, on December 1, 2021, I started at Villa Luna as an intern and I liked it so much that I stayed as an everyday helper. I made it my mission to make the children in this world aware of how important it is to take care of it. It is also important to deal well with one’s inner world, for example by eating healthy. Since you can never learn something like that early enough and I really enjoy working with children, I would like to specialize in nutrition and sustainability education later on. And at Villa Luna it’s gratifying to see how the topics of nutrition and a conscious use of resources already play a role.