Children explore their surroundings on their own by looking at objects, touching them, mouthing them, listening to them and smelling them.

We want keep our children’s interest in exploring the world alive, so our teachers discuss the children’s sensory perceptions, ask questions and look for answers together with the children.

Experiments can also be set up for the children to try their hand at. These physics or chemistry experiments are grounded in the children’s experiences, such as when they make coloured play dough.

The first scientific experiences children gather come from exploring their immediate surroundings. In the outside grounds of our day-care centre and the neighbourhood, there are plenty of plants and animals to discover.

The children become familiar with the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water in their everyday routines and they can observe and experiment with them. What floats and what sinks? What happens when you light a birthday candle, and what happens when you blow it out?

Children’s interest in natural phenomena comes to light in the many questions they ask when out discovering and exploring and in the way we experience them. At Villa Luna, we are happy to help our junior explorers find the answers to their questions.