During their time with us, we are committed to providing tailored support for every child according to their developmental stage to prepare them for what comes after kindergarten. We begin to focus on special project and subject-matter learning in our children’s final kindergarten year. The children learn together in small groups (6 to 8 children) or one-on-one and are prepared to master the transition from kindergarten to primary school.

A special school readiness profile listing the skill-sets necessary for a successful learning experience at school is the basis of our education programme. The profile covers motor, perceptual, personal, social, and problem-solving skills as well as basic life and factual knowledge. Children are introduced to a variety of activities in our preschool programme, ranging from tricky worksheets, movement games, and trips to the museum or theatre and ending with exciting excursions (such as airports or road and fire safety training).

High points during the preschool year include passing a pedestrian safety test with a police man and a day-long field trip coupled with a kindergarten sleepover. A day to remember for children and teachers!