Welcome to
Villa Luna Düsseldorf Grafenberg

Welcome to Villa Luna Düsseldorf Grafenberg

Villa Luna Düsseldorf Grafenberg
Luise-Rainer-Straße 12

40235 Düsseldorf

Our opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
No vacation-closing times.
Emergency childcare available.

Introductory evenings:
13 December 2021, 17:30 (fully booked)
10 January 2022, 17:30 (fully booked)
14 March 2022, 17:30

Please fill out the Admissions Inquiry form to register for an introductory evening at our centre in Grafenberg. We will send you an email with further information.

Admissions inquiries:
If you are interested, please register here. It’s free and non-binding. Our Service Team will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

This is Villa Luna Düsseldorf Grafenberg
Since 2008, our 800 square-metre bilingual day-care centre has been located at the heart of Düsseldorf, not far from city centre. Our modern facility has large and lovingly furnished rooms that offer more than enough space for diverse movement, play and learning activities.

Our spacious and green outdoor area features an herb and vegetable garden as well as many swings, slides and climbing equipment – a true adventure playground for our children.
All within walking distance are wide-ranging parks, the forest Grafenberger Wald and public playgrounds where our children can run, play and explore to their heart’s content.

There are parking spaces right by the entrance and at the medical-centre parking garage.

We hope to soon welcome your child to our bilingual day-care centre!

Any questions?
Our Service Team is happy to help.

Mail: elternservice@villaluna.de
Tel: +49 211 7377 770

About our day-care centre
At Villa Luna Grafenberg, we take care of 90 children from 4 months old to school age.

We have 6 groups for them:
3 nursery groups for children from 4 months to 3 years
3 kindergarten groups for children from 3 to 6 years

What Villa Luna Düsseldorf Grafenberg has to offer*:
Bilingual childcare and immersion-based English learning with 1 English-speaking teacher per group.
High staff-to-child ratio.
Regional, seasonal and wholefood meals that are freshly cooked at the day-care centre.
Musical and scientific learning experiences.
Wide range of physical activities.
Chinese immersion lessons for children 3 years and above.
Preschool program.

*Please note that our supplementary offers may change.

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