Our Team

Our team is a colourful mix: from young to old, from job starters to experienced professionals, from practitioners to graduates. This mixture is what makes us special and what is reflected in our work every day.
Everything and everyone keeps moving, we benefit from each other and complement each other. With all our bundled competences and together with you, we can support and accompany your child in its development.
The flag serves as a symbolic identification of our English-speaking employees. It does not indicate the origin of the respective team members.

Monika Muscher
Kindergarten Manager

I have been a state-approved educator for 15 years and in January 2020 I completed the additional training as social manager. Afterwards I took over the management of Villa Luna Grafenberg in June 2020. The motto of Villa Luna “A good start lasts a lifetime” and the bilingual concept fit together very well and give the children a good foundation for their later life. I am very happy to be a part of Villa Luna and to accompany the educational everyday life of the children and families together with the team.

Ivonne Breuer
Kindergarten Co-Manager
Jessica Rominski
Pedagogical staff (multicolored group)

In April 2013 I completed my training as an educational assistant and since August 2020 I have been a trainee as a state-approved educator. I have also been working in the colorful group since 2013. It is important to me to support and encourage each child individually according to their needs and to accompany them on their way.

Elizabeth Muchai
English-speaking staff (multicolored group)

I am born and raised in Kenya, with an education background as a social worker. Teaching English at Villa Luna is a fun and interesting experience that allows me to see children learning to express themselves in more ways than one.

Jennifer Strobel
Pedagogical staff (multicolored group)

In August 2015 I completed my training as a nursery school teacher. Afterwards I spent 1 year in Japan as an Au-Pair (both in an Italian-American and in a German-Chilean family). When I returned to Germany, it was clear to me that I wanted to continue working in this international field, as many nations offer many learning opportunities for the children. In my opinion, with the immersion principle and the multifaceted concept, Villa Luna offers exactly the right environment to educate, care for and raise children interculturally, emotionally and cognitively. Therefore I am very happy to be part of the Villa Luna team.

Jule Rotteveel
Pedagogical staff (multicolored group)

I started my studies ‘Childhood Education with Management’ in 2018. In order to gain practical experience before finishing my studies, I started my work in the Yellow Group. The bilingualism and related interculturality of Villa Luna is a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons. I stand for an individual, socially adapted and child-oriented pedagogy and I am very happy to be able to support the Villa Luna team.

Mareike Pahl
Pedagogical staff (yellow group)

I am a germanist and linguist with a focus on psycho- and neurolinguistics. In addition to my Master’s degree, I have already worked for several years in the field of child and youth development and adult education. Since it has always been my wish to work with children, to impart knowledge to them and to support and encourage them in their individual development in the best possible way, I am very happy and proud to be part of the Villa Luna team.

Shuyler Schefz
English-speaking staff (yellow group)

I was born and raised in New York City where I babysat and worked as a nanny for many children from 2013 on. In 2018, I came to Germany to work as an au pair. Since then, I’ve decided to go back to school to finish a degree in psychology and education. Working at Villa Luna is the perfect job for me because I get to work with children and teach them my native language, which I hope to do for my whole career. I’m thrilled to work at Villa Luna because of the collaborative setting in the classroom and because I get to work with the immersion technique I’ve had success with before. My motto is go into every day curious and always treat others with patience and compassion.

Julia Nemesch
Pedagogical staff (yellow group)

I have been working at Villa Luna since 2018 and I completed my training as a state-certified nursery school teacher in 2019.
I am very happy to be able to look after your children in the institution and to watch them discover their world and develop. Even as a child, I could not imagine any other profession for me and I am very happy that I can now share my creative and musical vein with your children and that I can especially support them in these areas.

Maria Schbankov
Pedagogical staff (yellow group)

I have been a part of Villa Luna since August, 2019. At first as “Anerkennungspraktikantin” in the blue group. After my graduation in 2020 as a state-approved educator I work in the yellow group. Every day I discover something new with the children and always have an open ear for their wishes and interests.

R. O.
English-speaking pedagogical staff (blue group)

I am NORLAND Nursery Nurse and since November 2009 I am part of the Villa Luna Team in Grafenberg. It is a great pleasure for me to introduce my mother tongue to the children. As an English speaking staff member I am the “Mary Poppins” of the Blue Group and accompany the everyday life of the children with the English language. I like to work according to the Montessori approach and after more than 2 years, in January 2016, I have completed a further education with the Montessori diploma. In the spirit of Marie Montessori – “Help me to do it myself” – I accompany the children to discover and explore their environment independently.

Christine Mölders
Pedagogical staff (blue group)

Since January 2006 at Villa Luna, passionate educator with music in her blood and guitar in her hands. In the meantime proud mum herself and happy to work for her children.

Alexa Kirsten
Pedagogical staff (blue group)

I am a state-certified educator. I completed my training in 2016 and in 2017 I successfully completed my further training as an inclusion specialist. Since June 2019 I have been working at Villa Luna in the blue group. Since I am open to all cultures myself, I find it very nice to come into contact with so many different cultures in my work. In addition, the bilingualism and the age-differentiated working environment made me decide to start at Villa Luna. Working with the children is a lot of fun for me, because it never gets boring, because you can do different things every day. And every day anew I am fascinated by the developmental steps the children take every day.

Selina Wolf
Pedagogical Trainee (blue group)

I am a state-approved child care worker and am currently completing the practice-integrated training as a nursery teacher. I am looking forward to the time at Villa Luna with your children and the great team. I am looking forward to the new experiences I will have in the daily group routine.

Iva Dekovic
Pedagogical staff

I have a degree in dance/music pedagogy, and have meanwhile completed my studies in music/dance pedagogy. I work as a lecturer for dance/ movement pedagogy seminars for adult education, as well as dance courses “Creative Children Dance” on behalf of the cultural office or with us at Villa Luna.

Zozan Askar
English-speaking pedagogical staff (intergroup)

I started working at Villa Luna in August 2019 as a Nursery Teache and native English speaker. From my own experience, learning a second language can be quite difficult and working at Villa Luna has given me the opportunity to use that to find fun engaging ways to teach the children my own language. It gives me great pleasure seeing children grow individually everyday. Knowing that my job helps children achieve their full potential brings a huge smile to my face.

Xiao Luo
Chinese-speaking staff

I am happy to be able to use my mother tongue here and to accompany the children on a journey of discovery for a new language that is very different from German and English. I am currently in my 2nd degree course “Pedagogy of Childhood and Family Education” and am a lecturer at the DRK in Düsseldorf for ElBa courses (Parent-Child Course). I think it is important to accompany and support children in their early development. Villa Luna offers an ideal basis for this.

M. S.
Pedagogical staff (green group)

As a state-approved educator, I particularly enjoy working with children, because I get so much pleasure from observing and individually supporting them. In addition, I enjoy creative activities with the children, as each child can individually bring his or her personality into a creative work of art.

N. V.
Pedagogical staff (green group)

In March 2017 I successfully completed my studies as a childhood educator and since May 2017 I am part of the Villa Luna team. It is very important to me that each child is supported and encouraged with its individual needs, skills and abilities. By working at Villa Luna in a situation-oriented manner, we are able to respond to the needs of the children, so I am very happy to be here!

Annabel Krenz 
English-speaking staff (green group)

My belief in the importance of multilingual capability has been one of the reasons for joining Villa Luna. I enjoy working with children of all ages especially the young ones. Being around them and partaking in their development gives me joy, fun and fulfillment. I am happy to be part of the Villa Luna team and for the opportunity to support the growth of your children.

Pedagogical staff (green group)

I am a trained social pedagogue and was mainly active in children and youth work. In 2016, I moved to Hong Kong and worked at a language school for several years. During this time, I discovered my passion for working with younger children in a multilingual environment, which I am fortunate to be able to pursue now – back in Düsseldorf – at Villa Luna.

I. F.
Pedagogical staff (red group)

I have been working at Villa Luna since April 2009. Since September 2016 I am looking forward to accompany the children in the red group in the future. I am happy to be able to work here at Villa Luna and wish you and the children a wonderful and unforgettable time in kindergarten. My motto: “Give the children as much love as you would like to have yourself!”.

T. E. 
English-speaking staff (red group)

English native speaker with a B.A. (Education) and Higher Education Diploma in Pre Primary.

I am a born and bred South African of Greek origin. For me, teaching English to kindergarten-children as a second or even third language is a great challenge and experience.

C. Z.
Dual student (red group)

I have been working at Villa Luna since 2017 and will complete my dual studies to become a social worker in 2021. I have chosen this professional field because I like to work with people. I like being with children because their way of looking at life makes me happy. The everyday work at Villa Luna is especially valuable for me because I can learn a lot from all my colleagues and everyone here always approaches new challenges in everyday life in a positive way.

Wiebke Brinkmann
Pedagogical staff (purple group)

“If we are to raise children, we must become children with them.” Martin Luther
To meet children at eye level is particularly important to me as a teacher. I attach great importance to giving children a sense of security and safety in a protected environment.

T. M.
Pedagogical staff (purple group)

In 2015 I completed my training as a state-approved educator. “To stimulate life – and then to let it develop freely – this is the first task of the educator”. In my opinion, this is a beautiful freely translated quote from Maria Montessori. To accompany and support the children in their research and exploration of their environment and themselves is an important part of my work.

Fernanda Lubiano
English-speaking staff (purple group)

I was born in Viña del Mar, Chile. My mother tongue is Spanish and I also speak English and German.
I graduated as an English Teacher in 2012 and I have been working with children of different ages since then.
I am very happy to be part of the Villa Luna Team, because children can create, play and learn by their own interest.

M. P.
Pedagogical staff (purple group)

I completed my training as a state-certified educator in 2019. In the meantime I have started many internships here in the institution with pleasure. I am very happy to be a part of the Villa Luna team afterwards as I enjoy working with the children and find the concept of bilingual care very appealing.

Iwona Misiewicz
Pedagogical staff (intergroup)

I have been working at Villa Luna since 2007! I am a child carer, I have two daughters and enjoy the great cooperation with your children and you!

Oliver Runkel

I completed my apprenticeship at the Four Star Dom-Business Hotel in Düsseldorf Grafenberg. After some stations in Germany (Bergisches Land, Rhein-Sieg Kreis and Brandenburg) I landed again in Düsseldorf, where I am part of the Villa Luna team since the beginning of 2014. To my delight the children regularly visit me in the kitchen and contribute to the amusement of my work. I am happy to be part of the permanent staff at the Villa.

Vanessa Klostermann
Mina Schwarzkopp
Cleaning fairy

I am the cleaning fairy at Villa Luna Grafenberg. For years I have been whirling through the rooms with body and soul and know every corner.

Christiane Augustin-Malysz
Dipl. social pedagogue & supervisor of “Malort” (Arno Stern, Paris)

Lots of paint, lots of brushes, lots of kids. A lot of energy, concentration, trust, freedom. Many pictures, colourful and special. Have fun with this work.

Vera Sternkicker
Dipl. chemist, science for kids

My name is Vera Sternkicker and as a graduate chemist I take care of the concept and implementation of the science courses for children from 3 years of age at Villa Luna.

Marek Majer
Music teacher

I’m Marek Majer, guitar teacher, music school teacher. With my music studies I turned my passion into my profession and have been teaching for many years now, among others at Villa Luna. I take great pleasure in introducing children to music through dance, singing and rhythmics and lay the first foundations for further musical education.

Ashley L. Buyukaslan (absent)
English-speaking staff

In the U.S.A. I received the certificate “Clinical Therapeutic Assistance” and completed two courses of studies in International Communication (A.D. and B.A.). I finished my studies with a Summa Cum Laude. After my graduation I worked in a clinic with children until I moved to Germany with my husband in 2009. Since September 2011 I have been working at Villa Luna and love my work and my children.

Nadine Becker (absent)
Pedagogical staff (purple group)

I have been working at the Villa Luna Grafenberg since March 2015. Before my work here, I studied social work in Siegen and completed my year of recognition in a day care center in Frankfurt. It gives me great pleasure to observe and support children in their development, which is why I am very much looking forward to the coming time in the purple group at Villa Luna.

Anika Wagener (absent)
Kindergarten manager

From my passion and the experiences in my profession as a nursery school teacher arose my desire to educate myself further. So I decided to study ‘Social Pedagogy & Management’ while working, which I successfully completed in 2018. The concept of Villa Luna, especially the philosophy & pedagogy, convinced me from the beginning. Since 2019 I have been leading the team in Düsseldorf Grafenberg with a lot of joy, heart & humor.

Jana Striethorst (absent)
Pedagogical staff

“A child is a book we should read from and write in.” As described in the quote from Peter Rosegger, I appreciate it in my profession to read from the “book” of her children and to be able to write a part of it. I have been working as a state-approved educator since 2010. Since September 2015 I have been lucky enough to be able to “work” here at Villa Luna with your children.

Laura Minisgallo (absent)

Villa Luna has been accompanying me since my apprenticeship, so that I could already get to know all Villa Luna in Düsseldorf. The bilingual concept of Villa Luna particularly appeals to me. After my training I decided to continue my education to become a children’s fitness trainer and a certified kindergarten manager. It means a lot to me to accompany your children in their daily progress and support them individually.

“The interest of the child depends solely on the possibility to make own discoveries.” – Maria Montessori –

Sabine Skorupa (absent)
Pedagogical staff (red group)

I have been a state-approved child carer since 2009. As a responsible and dutiful child carer, the needs and interests of the children are my first priority. Discovering and experiencing new things together with you – working with the children gives me great pleasure! My main focuses are: Movement education, learning laboratory and child education.

Nathalie Santos Paixao (absent)
Pedagogical staff (red group)

I finished my training as a state-certified educator in July 2012 at Villa Luna. Since then, I am happy to support and encourage the children every day, especially in the creative area, and to take on new challenges.

Melanie Bußmann (absent)
Kindergarten manager

I am an educator with the Montessori diploma and have been working at Villa Luna since 2009. I started in the group work with a mixture of Montessori work and the situation-oriented approach. Now I am looking forward to accompanying and supporting you and your children from the Villa Luna management office.