Exercise and sports encourage children’s natural development which makes then essential in kindergarten life. Children need a lot of space to move around in and we are able to provide this at Villa Luna thanks to a generous garden, an indoor play area and two gyms.

Children big and small can let off steam, climb, play on see-saws, race on ride-on toys, play football or let their imagination run wild when designing their very own physical play area.

Children under 3 tend to play by themselves, but older children have the opportunity to take part in structured physical activities. After a “warm-up session” there is an exercise game or a directed exercise class. At the end of the gym lesson, we read a relaxing story to the children.

Healthy eating is for body, mind and soul

We serve fresh, regional products that are also fair trade and organic when possible to pass this message on to the children.

Teaching table manners and cutlery skills are just as close to our heart as treating food with respect. Your children enjoy helping when we prepare breakfast or a daily snack together.

Children try different recipes and learn how to treat and prepare food during cooking lessons. We also put fruit and vegetable varieties that have fallen into neglect on the children’s plates – including the fruit from grandma and grandpa’s garden, if you would like to contribute some.