Two years before children start school, they start a special Villa Luna Grafenberg preparatory preschool programme. First, we playfully introduce them to the workings of their bodies and how to look after themselves. We use Montessori practical life exercises to accomplish this.

As a next step, we take a bit more time to practise understanding questions on worksheets, building concentration and training fine motor skills. Every child uses the same collection of worksheets which was compiled in consultation with Düsseldorf primary schools. In the children’s final kindergarten year, they also take part in our preschool programme. Our special emphasis lies on an integrated experience and active participation of the children.

Throughout the year, we work on seven to eight projects, such as art, helping and sharing or traffic safety training, which are all rounded off by an excursion. Shortly before school starts, the children and their parents spend an afternoon making the traditional German school cone (Schultüte) filled with little presents to take to their first day of school.

We’ll prepare your child for school – but the actual business of learning starts there!