Here you will get to know our colorful team. All team members have different professional and additional qualifications, each brings his or her personal strengths and enriches the cooperation in the team, with the children and with the parents. We look forward to accompanying your child on its way. Please come back soon to meet new team members!

The management duo

Jan Selbach
Kindergarten manager

After my training as a child care worker and subsequent studies to become a social pedagogue (B.A.), I have now been working in management positions in daycare centers for over seven years. As a family father and social pedagogue, I know how important it is to support and accompany children individually and socially in their first years of life. The pedagogical concept of Villa Luna therefore convinced me immediately. True to the motto: “Life is a big canvas, paint it as colorful as you can.” I am very much looking forward to working with you and your children.

Katja Puszkar
Kindergarten manager

I have been a part of Villa Luna since 2014 and am now dedicating myself to a new task after my parental leave. With openness, appreciation and with heart and humor I would like to face the team, parents and children in the new facility, because there is nothing more important to me than an environment where everyone feels comfortable and where everyone can be as they are. In 2019 I received the Montessori Diploma and the guiding principle “Help me to do it myself” is part of my everyday pedagogical life. It is important to me to accompany children on their way to independence in an individual and interest-oriented way and I will also support the team here with advice and support.

Katharina Kirchmann
Pedagogical staff

I have been part of Villa Luna since 2010 (previously in the team of Villa Luna Aachen Südviertel) and I still look forward to working with the great and humorous team every day. What fascinates me about working with children is that I can accompany them on a very important part of their life journey. I enjoy contributing pedagogically to the positive development of your children, encouraging, supporting and accompanying them. After now 11 years, it was time for me for something new. So I decided to move to the new Villa Luna location and am now looking forward to my new team, you as new parents and a new start in a new kindergarten in the former clothiers’ quarter. My motto in life: “It’s the little things in life that make you happy”.

Yannik Schmeling
Pedagogical staff

I have been a state-certified educator since 2021 and am now starting my professional life at Villa Luna. During my training, I completed various internships abroad, including two in Spain and one in the UK. I am an open-minded and communicative person who is looking forward to sharing experiences with your children.
My motto is “We were born to be unique, not perfect.”

Pedagogical staff

I completed my training as an educator in August 2013 and was taken on by the daycare center where I did my training year. Villa Luna opens up a new opportunity for me to gain experience in the area of a bilingual daycare center. It’s exciting for me to get to know new little personalities and to accompany them a bit on their way. I am looking forward to a good cooperation with you and to accompany and support your children in their development. My motto in life: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can!”

Samir Jellouli
Pedagogical staff

In June 2018, I successfully completed my school-based training as a social assistant. Already during my internships, I realized that I particularly enjoy working with children. I particularly enjoy working with children and that is why I decided to continue on this path. My motto is: “You are never too small to be great”. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Deborah Henrotte
Pedagogical staff

I successfully completed my studies in social work in Aachen in the summer of 2021 and am very happy to now be a part of Villa Luna. My language skills include English as well as French. I have consciously chosen Villa Luna because here I can holistically promote the multilingualism and openness of your children. Especially important to me is the individual and social support of children in the first years of life. With a lot of warmth and patience I want to engage with their individual world and give them support and structure for their future life. I look forward to an exciting and positive time with you and your children.

Tanja Kück
Pedagogical staff

I live in Aachen-Brand, very close to the new Villa Luna Kita. For 11 years I have been working with great passion as a state-certified educator with children of all ages. I love accompanying children on their journey through life, watching them grow and supporting them in their educational and learning processes. “Wherever you go, go with your whole heart” is my motto in life. Since I am also privately creative and love to bake, I look forward to crafting, experimenting and exploring the world with your children. The concept and bilingual work convinced me to become a part of the new Villa Luna team. I look forward to soon working with your child, you, and the new team to create and experience each day in a new way.

Janine Siewert
Pedagogical staff

Following my training as a childcare worker, I successfully completed my training as an educator in August 2017. During my training, I spent the summer vacations working as an au pair in Mallorca. During my previous work as a kindergarten teacher in the Aachen city region, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the U3 area as well as in a regular group. Due to my move from Geilenkirchen to Aachen I was looking for a new job. Villa Luna quickly caught my eye. The concept and the possibilities Villa Luna offers to work and learn with the children convinced me. I like to be creative. Whether with paper and scissors or with rough materials. I look forward to becoming artistically active with your children!

Melanie Kaulen
Pedagogical staff

I am an educator since 2008 and since then I have worked in the integrative area, in the U3 area and with children from 3-6 years. I love to be out in the woods with my two children, read a lot and am active in carnivals. I look forward to working with you, your children and the team at Villa Luna.
My motto is: The greatest compliment is to accept a person as they are.

Didier Rousselle

I was born and raised in France, now living in Germany for 40 years. For more than 30 years I lived in Berlin where I worked in a home for disabled people. I have a son in Berlin who will be 18 this year. In June of this year I moved to Aachen to live with my partner. I feel very comfortable here in Aachen and its surroundings. Especially I enjoy the proximity to Belgium, because I can use my mother tongue there of course. I am looking forward to cooking for children in a new team and to getting to know them in an exciting way. From my conviction, work must be enjoyable so that one can enjoy life with all its possibilities.

Katie Pucheu-Morvant
English-speaking pedagogical staff

I am originally from South Louisiana, USA, and I moved to Aachen in 2019. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching certificate, and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification. I have been teaching in total for 8 years now and for the last year and a half, I have been teaching Kindergarten in Aachen. My goal, for myself and my students, is to make learning enjoyable and entertaining. A motto I rely on each day, is the phrase often used in the Montessori community: “Freedom within Limits”; the idea that in order to create a safe and happy learning environment where children can grow and develop, they should be granted freedom to the extent that it is possible while still preserving their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Pedagogical staff

After my training as an educator, I gained experience with children over and under the age of three in various facilities. What I find particularly exciting about the Villa Luna concept is its bilingual orientation. My motto in life: Smile and the world changes.