Healthy eating and exercise are hugely important points in our daily work as teachers. We strive to instil the principles of healthy eating and living in our children’s minds.


Brain research indicates a close link between motor coordination and intellectual planning. In many areas, thinking comes from internal action.

Children learn by taking action. At Villa Luna, we provide sufficient space for our children to discover the world in physical interaction with it.

With the help of movement, children develop cognitive and language competence as well as the basic skills needed to master everyday life. These skills include being willing to cooperate, shouldering responsibility, being proactive and flexible, solving problems, taking a critical stance, and showing social empathy.

We offer a wide range of exercise opportunities so our children can get to know themselves, their environment and also the people around them, all the while letting their basic skills blossom.

Physical exercise features in all of our teaching. We place a special focus on it in the gym, in our outside play area, in the park or at the swimming pool.