We are dedicated to preparing your children for school and for life in general from their very first day at Villa Luna. The children’s independence and self-esteem are of utmost important to us. They learn to express their needs in a social context.

Every day, we get the children ready for the demands of society by supporting them in their daily interaction which encourages the development of their social and emotional skills.

Free play, group projects and lessons hone the children’s cognitive skills. However: Only when children start school do they become school children.

With a teacher at their side, children four years and older work on their special Wunderfitz preschool worksheets every week. The worksheets cover various topics and subjects areas and teach children how to understand what is being asked and solve the problems on their own.

Independent problem-solving is a skill that we nurture especially in the final kindergarten year where we also offer special preschool field trips.

We’ll prepare your child for school – but the actual business of learning only starts there!