What we are particularly proud of:
We are a diverse team with many talents and a lot of fun at work!

Gabriele Kluthe

“Help me to do it myself” is THAT sentence of Maria Montessori that accompanies me daily in my work with children; today more relevant than ever! This includes competent educators and good external conditions for successful and motivated learning of children in kindergarten. I have found this at Villa Luna.

Jessica Kloß
Manager & pedagogical staff (Yellow Group)

After my training as a state-approved educator, I worked abroad (Canary Islands and Balearic Islands) as a children’s animator and team leader. From 2013-2015 I worked on Tenerife in the kindergarten of the “German School Santa Cruz”. I was thrilled to see how open children are to a new language and how quickly and easily they learn it. All the more I am happy that I can work in a bilingual institution in the future.

Robert Kowalski
Pedagogical staff (Red Group)

I am happy to work at Villa Luna because I really enjoy interacting with other people, especially with children of all ages. I like being able to use my communicative as well as creative skills and to support the children in their personal development.

Sarah Scherer
Pedagogical staff (Red Group)

After completing my studies in childhood education, I am now happy to accompany your children in their everyday life and to be a team member of Villa Luna. My motto in life is: “If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way”.


Max Gleisberg
Pedagogical staff (Yellow Group)

After a completed vocational training as a carpenter and 10 journeyman years, I decided to reorient myself and completed an apprenticeship as a state-approved child care worker. Since I had already worked voluntarily in a youth center for a few years, I quickly realized that I wanted to switch to the social sector and incorporate my experience and knowledge into my work. I am looking forward to an exciting time at Villa Luna.

Beatrice Claudia Ticudean
English-speaking staff (Yellow Group)

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in pedagogical and educational science. What I like about Villa Luna is the high emphasize on “learning-by-playing“ and experimenting. This gives each child the freedom to enjoy his childhood, but also to learn the little secrets of life in his own steps. “Whoever is happy will make others happy, too“ (Mark Twain)

Maksym Zhuravlyov 
PIA-Trainee (Yellow Group)

I see myself as a companion, co-discoverer and co-researcher, because “Being there is everything! Watching how children explore, discover and how they achieve new developmental steps at their own pace and seeing joy in their faces at the realization of their own potential gives me a feeling of happiness. And that is why I chose Villa Luna. Because here both I and the children have the opportunity to learn and grow from each other as well as with each other.

Kerstin Stiegemann
Pedagogical staff (Purple Group)

As a mother of 4 children and with many years of experience in leading toddler and play groups, I started at Villa Luna in October 2012 in the U3 area. It gives me great pleasure to care for, support and encourage the children in the first years of life.

Marie-Luise Gollan
Pedagogical staff (Purple Group)

“It’s the little things in life that make you happy”: I moved from Güstrow to Düsseldorf in spring 2018 and am looking forward to a great time at Villa Luna. After my apprenticeship I worked in Güstrow with children from 6 months to preschool age. In my school time as well as in my apprenticeship I had English as a second language. In my free time I like to do sports and during my training I also discovered playing the guitar.

Anna Iliadou
English-speaking staff (Purple Group)

I have finished studying in 2000. Since then, I have been working as an English teacher and in 2018 I have started working at Villa Luna. During these years, I have discovered that I have a passion for teaching, and working with children was and is the only career path that gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am constantly educating myself through seminars and books in order to gain deeper knowledge in aiding and motivating children to reach their full potential according to their age and at the same time learn new ways, games and especially experiments that inspire the love for science in children. Children have a natural curiosity and that is exactly the best incentive for learning. Keeping that intact with stimuli, experiments and fun games is what motivates them further and lays the foundation and gives them a head start for their later academic development.

Jaqueline Schulte
Pedagogical staff (Purple Group)

What I like about the Villa Luna concept is that the individuality of each child is in the foreground and that we as a team work together to ensure that the child as such can lead an independent and self-reliant life. I see it as my mission to teach your children everything I can and to always learn something new.

P. J.
English-speaking staff (Blue Group)

In 1984, my journey took me first from England to the Netherlands and later to Germany, my adopted country. I am interested in the environment and try to live sustainably. Therefore, it is important to me to also awaken an interest in our environment in children at an early age. I want to encourage the individuality of each child and support them to develop at their own pace and need.

Luna Becker
Pedagogical staff (Blue Group)

After I was able to complete my year of apprenticeship at Villa Luna in 2019, I was happy to be taken on. Besides working at Villa Luna, I study social and cultural sciences and enjoy the balanced part of theory and practice every week anew.

Torsten Hein

At the age of 8, I already wanted to become a chef. Then, after school, completed my training in a French restaurant. As a self-employed chef and caterer, I then created finger food buffets for receptions, meetings, etc. It is a lot of fun for me to cook fresh for the children every day at Villa Luna and to get feedback from them.

Christiane Malysz
Cooperation Partner ‘Atelier’

Many colors, many brushes, many children. Lots of energy, concentration, confidence, freedom. Many pictures, colorful and special. Have fun with this work.

Marek Majer
Cooperation partner ‘Music’

I am Marek Majer, guitar teacher, music school teacher. With my music studies I have turned my passion into a profession and have been teaching for many years, among others, at Villa Luna. I take great pleasure in introducing children to music through dance, singing and rhythm in a playful way and lay the first foundations for further musical education.

Iva Dekovic
Cooperation partner ‘Moving & Dancing’

“If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.” African proverb

I studied social pedagogy because I always wanted to work with children and young people, however my heart has been beating to the rhythm of music for as long as I can remember. Now I have managed to combine these two things: For one year I have been dancing with the children of Villa Luna through the worlds of rhythm, music and creativity.

Stefanie Kunze
Cooperation partner ‘FRÜHES FORSCHEN Düsseldorf’

I am a biologist and biomedical scientist and since December 2019 I have been leading FRÜHES FORSCHEN Düsseldorf. My own enthusiasm for research has always motivated me to awaken an interest in the natural sciences in children as well. Therefore, I am especially happy that FRÜHES FORSCHEN Düsseldorf gives me the opportunity to uncover the secrets of the natural sciences with your children while experimenting, trying out and discovering!

Anna & Pia
Cooperation partner ‘zfaf-Fußballschule-Düsseldorf

We offer a bi-weekly movement program to kindergarten children with the goal of combining joy and fun with movement. Contents are: Balance exercises, exercises for stabilization, ball games and training of reaction and team skills.

Miriam Weber (currently absent)
Pedagogical staff (Red Group)

“Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing” (Schopenhauer).

After my training as a state-approved educator, dance teacher and fitness and wellness coach, I traveled a lot through South America, where I was able to gather great intercultural impressions. To look at the children holistically, that is especially close to my heart.

H. B. (currently absent)
English-speaking staff (Blue Group)

I have been happily accompanying children in their daycare in English since 2009 and have been part of the Villa Luna team since 2011. The development and promotion of the children’s multilingualism is particularly important to me and is very close to my heart. I see it as a joint success of the children and me when the new language is used and applied independently.

Hellena Löcher (currently absent)
Manager & pedagogical staff (Red Group)

I completed my training in 2014 in an integrative Waldorf kindergarten. After that I started at Villa Luna Düsseldorf-Grafenberg and moved to Düsseldorf-Bilk in 2021. Here I support the management team and am also part of the red group team. For me it is very important that I promote each child individually with their needs, abilities and skills and support them.