The topic “Dinosaurs and their living environment” fascinates children of different age groups, which makes it ideal for a small project series and thus long-term indoor activity. At the same time, the topic also offers a variety of learning ideas for children of all ages.
The children of Villa Luna Hannover had incredible fun learning a lot about their favourite dinosaurs and different ages in a creative way.
In the following we have collected a few ideas and questions that were particularly well received by our young researchers.

1. What different species of dinosaurs have existed, what did they eat and what did they look like?

Try to reproduce the different species: reproductions fully true to the origianl are not necessary 😉 … There are no limits to creativity.

2. How big have the dinosaurs been in reality?

It is extremely difficult to imagine sizes only on the basis of numbers. If your child is interested in the actual size of the dinosaurs, you can paint one of the smallest representatives in life-size to illustrate this… young and old will be amazed!

3. In which environment did which dinosaur live?

For the elderly, the ages Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous and their characteristics can also be very fascinating. When did which dinosaur live? Did other animals populate the earth at that time? Which food chains existed at that time? And what did it actually look like on earth at that time (especially interesting are the topics botany and climate…).

4. What about fossils?!

Depending on your child’s interests, it can also be exciting to include the topic of fossils. How do we know today that dinosaurs existed? Which phases must be passed through before a living being becomes a fossil?