Already during our start-up period from 2005 to 2008, it was obvious that parents and companies alike were welcoming Villa Luna‘s range of services with open arms. Villa Luna founder Dr. Jürgen Reul was inspired to open centres in other locations all over Germany.

“The only way in the long term that we could handle the enormous expense of opening new locations was by finding a strategic partner. We wanted more than just a financial backer, we wanted someone with the same mentality,” Dr. Reul points out. Klett Group had expressed their interest in collaborating early in the game. By the beginning of 2009, Dr. Reul and the Klett management had already agreed on a shared growth strategy.

Klett Group is a globally operating educational group that enjoys an outstanding reputation as a renowned, family-run business and can look back on a company history spanning more than 100 years. School books, language guides (e.g. PONS) and educational material for schoolchildren and adults are just a few of the products associated with the name Klett. Further information is available at www.klett-gruppe.de.