Your child loves Barbies, but the latest hairstyles (with and without scissors 😉 ) have all already been tried out? Has your child grown tired of the same Playmobil figures?
Then now is the right time to use the time at home to dress the doll in animaginary shopping centre, a workwear shop or in a chic evening wear shop.
The daughter of our marketing director Stefanie has already gone under the mini-designers. You can see the creative result at the bottom.

1. Drawing a stencil

Depending on the age of the child, he or she can draw the desired clothes on a piece of paper themselves, or you can become the assistant fashion designer and provide the design template (stencil).

2. Coloring and cutting

Your child can now paint the outlines. There are no limits to creativity!
Afterwards he oder she may cut out the clothes (either alone or with your help). Do you perhaps even have zigzag scissors available? With these you can create extravagant trouser and dress waistbands.
By the way: Your child not only has a creative activity here, but also exercises its fine motor skills in a playful way and without pressure.

3. Making up stories together

Along the way you can have exciting conversations about professions, colours etc. Perhaps you and your child will also make up a story about what the figure to be dressed experiences in its everyday working life, what its favourite colour is, etc.

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